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Drinking Dose

Do you provide samples?

We currently do not have a sample system in place but you can try out our starter kit risk free for 30 days!

What does DOSE taste like?

Like a very light, creamy, non-acidic coffee.

Where are your mushrooms sourced from?

All our mushroom extracts are from the leading supplier of organic mushroom extracts: Nammex

Do you use the fruiting body or mycelium of the mushrooms?

We only use 100% fruiting body mushrooms.

Where is Dose made?

Our product is produced in one of the top nutraceutical facilities outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is home of some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world.

How much caffeine is in DOSE?

There’s 39 mg of caffeine per serving, less caffeine than a black-tea! Just enough to get you ready to tackle anything your day throws at you!.

Can I consume more than one cup a day?

You’ll probably want to drink the whole vessel as soon as you get it, but we do recommend 1 to 3 servings a day, if you do have more than one try to spread out your doses throughout the day.

Will this show up on a drug test?

Since our mushrooms are adaptogenic and do not contain psilocybin, they will not show up on any drug test.

Can I drink Dose if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Though our ingredients are all associated with profound health benefits, we suggest consulting with your physician before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy or nursing.

Is Dose vegan, kosher and gluten-free?

We are not vegan, we include collagen in our formula and unfortunately true collagen is not vegan. There is no such thing. We choose grass-fed and grass-finished collagen because it has an incredible amino acid profile. We are gluten free and our pro

Does Dose break my fast?

It does break your fast and you will actually get even more benefits from it because your body will absorb all the ingredients better and it'll last longer.

How do I compost the compostable bags?

You have a few options:. 1. Look up an industrial composter in your area that can take this packaging. Or, if you're lucky enough to live in a city that collects residential compost, find out if you can put the packaging in your bin. 2. Put it in a h

What comes in the Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with a DOSE mug, a 30-servings bag, a gunmetal scoop, and a Tyler Spangler designed poster.

How many servings come with the Starter Kit?

The starter kit comes with 21 servings.

What Ingredients do you use?

We use 5 ingredients: Lion’s Mane and Chaga Mushrooms, L-Theanine, Collagen and Coffee!

How many grams of mushrooms does on serving have?

1.5 grams of 100% pure, organic, fruiting body mushrooms combined (roughly 50% chaga and 50% lions-mane).

Does this contain Psilocybin?

No, while we do love those kinds of mushrooms, the ones we use are not psychedelic and don’t contain psilocybin so you are not going to see the spirits of your ancestors!.

What is the optimal way of drinking DOSE?

We recommend drinking The Mushroom Latte first thing in the morning. If you're still drinking coffee – that's cool – but drink Everyday Dose BEFORE your coffee. For even better results, you can make drinks similar to the ones you already love. For ex

How do I prepare DOSE?

1. Scoop the powder into a cup/dose mug. 2. Add your favorite milk (vegan alternatives like Oatly are super yummy and great). PRO TIP: first add in a lil water to cover the powder, mix, then add in your preferred milk. 3. Stir. 4. Feel elevated.

Do I have to use milk?

You can use whatever you prefer, milk, vegetable drink or even water!

Is this vegan? Do you offer a vegan option?

No, it's not vegan. We include collagen in our formula and unfortunately true collagen is not vegan. We choose grass-fed and grass-finished collagen because it has an incredible amino acid profile.

I take anti-depressants, can I drink this?

There is no serotonin added to our products nor are there any studies that have found adverse reactions with SSRIs and any of the ingredients in Everyday Dose. For legal purposes always consult with your doctor.